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About Khaya Arts

African Dance, Drumming and Wedding Entertainment

Khaya Arts is a performing arts group that specializes in African dance, drumming and entertainment for weddings. Our group of talented performers bring the rhythm and energy of Africa to your event. We are passionate about sharing our culture with the world and leave a lasting impression on audiences. Our performances are a blend of traditional African dance and modern choreography, making for a unique and unforgettable experience. Book us for your wedding or event and let us bring the beat to you!


The team has the Director, Coordinator, Production Manager, Finance Director, Treasurer and Secretary. It is gender balanced and at the moment has all the prerequisite skills to make Khaya Arts a brand to reckon with.


To provide quality edutaining entertainment for quality people.


The major aim is to create employment for the talented youths meandering aimlessly and wasting their talent as they are caught in the twin devices of sex and booze. The group seeks to keep youths away from dangerous activities like drug abuse, unsafe sex and unemployment.

  • Traditional Dance

  • Modern Dance

  • Theatre

  • Workshops

  • Annual National Tree Planting Day Commemorations

Meet Our Performers

Our team of performers are passionate about sharing the rhythm and energy of Africa through dance and drumming. Each member brings their own unique talent and personality to our performances, making for an unforgettable experience. Get to know our performers and book us for your next event!

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